Monday, November 15, 2010

Ski And Surf In the Same Day? In Ontario? In November?

So last week I was back home in Thunder Bay, Ont. I was there to get my braces off and help out and ride in Rollin Thunders' 3rd Annual Chairty Jib Jam. If I was lucky I was also hoping to use my new surfboard on the lake (thanks a ton Jakko from NatriBros Surf Shop)!

So, up until Thursday night of that week, I thought I wasn't going to be using my new board at all. Then the forcast shifted and the waves were lining up perfectly for the evening the day of the jib jam. I thought to myself "Perfect! I'll hit up the jam, it's usually done by 3:30 at the latest, then rip out to Terrace Bay, get a dusk surf in then fire up the geny for a couple hours and be back by midnight for some sleep before catching my plane in the morning".

Well I had some major issues renting the generator (the size I wanted was rented like 20 minutes before I got there) and had to go to the jib jam with out it. The jam was sick and everyone was throwing down! It started pretty mellow being most guys first day. By the end though, it was a mini air comp over the car with some sick stuff being tossed on to the step down boxes. Big thanks to Brian from Rollin' Thunder in Thunder Bay, Ont. for putting it on and letting us take over his parking lot!

With the jib jam ending much later then I had thought and all my leads on a generator falling through, I opted to rent the big beast. Because it was so big we had to strip down just to get into my dads Jetta wagon. With me was Dillon Montenarh, and we were on our way to meet two Terrace Bay locals at the beach. When we got there, we quickly got everything up and running and got in the water. It was awesome, but hard and so worth it. The waves were a decent 4 feet (any bigger and this probably wouldn't have worked). It was really hard to catch stuff though because wave would cast a showdow behind it until it broke. Basically you couldn't see a set coming and you had very little time to react (either catching it or realizing your inside). All in all super fun.

I would like to appologize for lack of surf footy in the video below. A week earlier was a crazy storm that had a recorded swell height of 26.7 feet and it trashed the beaches. The break we surfed used to be alot closer to shore which the camera could have picked up, but unfortunately the break is now a bit furthur out to the point where we were getting to the far range of our lights.

Anyways heres a video I made from that day! Also gimme a break on the editing I had to use Windows Movie Maker!



    Here is a link to the full quality video!

  2. Nicely done Roy! I especially enjoyed watching Tyler bail repeatedly :P What I want to know is where you disappeared to for the last 48 hours