Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last Weekend At COP

Everything comes to an end, and as a skier you have to get used to the closing of ski hills as the season nears it's finish. COP was the first to go. With their base at it's highest all season and their claim of being non-profit, you would think they would let the good times roll. They did however open back up for a "bonus" weekend in which we had as much fun as possible in two slush filled days of awesomeness!

In this picture is Audrey conveying that slush time fun a la spread eagle.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

85 Cent Pow Day at Norquay

On April 7th, Ryan and I headed to Norquay Ski Resort with no idea of what the conditions would be like. We mainly thought we would be riding and trying to get some footage in their sub par terrain park.  Outside it looked less than ideal and had it not been 85 cents to ski for the day I probably would have slept in then tried to light up little kids online on "Bioshock 2" (a PS3 Game).

We took off for the hill not to excited for the conditions, but still stoked to ski. Only a few kilometers out we noticed this nice hole in the clouds bathing Norquay in sunlight. We had also noticed more and more snow on the trees the closer we got! Once parked it was a no brainer, we grabbed our pow sticks and headed to the lift with notions of face shots. My favorite spot on the mountain was closed due to avy risk but with us being from Ontario we knew how to bush wack. Punching through trees that looked too tight to ski through we would often find big openings that were a treat to ski. Some of these openings were probably untouched all year! It turned out to be a sick day and I got more than my 85 cents worth of skiing in!

In the shot above I'm skiing a pillow line we noticed from the chair lift.

April With A Mix Of Snow!

This whole April (even as I write now 2 weeks after this picture was taken) has been an interesting series of cycles. It snows 20 plus cm then warms up and melts the snow, and just as you think spring is here it does it all over again. This has made it an awesome April so far with lots of powder days!

Slopestyle At Louise

On Saturday, March 28th I made the trek out to Lake Louise for their annual slopestyle with the hope of having fun and earning some prize money.

Once there I signed in and got a sweet gift bag that included some essentials (energy drinks and potato chips). Practice was bumped up so I immediately hit the chair and tried to get some practice runs in. Practice went well and I started to like that they changed the course up from the previous day.

My first run was going well until, between the last two features in the flat I caught a pile of snow skiing switch and went down! I think that is probably the worst way to fall in a competition. So with the first run a scratch, I knew I needed to land my second one to make finals. With pressure on I started down the course. Landed clean on my first feature, then the second then cleaned the third and made it past my first fall. Going off the last jump I decided in the air to take my swtich 7 to a 9. As I landed my right ski caught some snow and blew off. I tried to ride it out on one ski but to no avail.

I did not make finals. I did end up having a nice day ripping around with Cath and Ryan and even met Candide Thovex which was sick!