Saturday, April 23, 2011

Slopestyle At Louise

On Saturday, March 28th I made the trek out to Lake Louise for their annual slopestyle with the hope of having fun and earning some prize money.

Once there I signed in and got a sweet gift bag that included some essentials (energy drinks and potato chips). Practice was bumped up so I immediately hit the chair and tried to get some practice runs in. Practice went well and I started to like that they changed the course up from the previous day.

My first run was going well until, between the last two features in the flat I caught a pile of snow skiing switch and went down! I think that is probably the worst way to fall in a competition. So with the first run a scratch, I knew I needed to land my second one to make finals. With pressure on I started down the course. Landed clean on my first feature, then the second then cleaned the third and made it past my first fall. Going off the last jump I decided in the air to take my swtich 7 to a 9. As I landed my right ski caught some snow and blew off. I tried to ride it out on one ski but to no avail.

I did not make finals. I did end up having a nice day ripping around with Cath and Ryan and even met Candide Thovex which was sick! 

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