Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Last Day At Sunshine


On Monday of the May long weekend, Ryan and I headed up to Sunshine for one last day of resort skiing. We left a little late that morning, not because we slept in, but in a calculated move we decided to shoot for an 11 am arrival. The late start was in hopes to miss all the early morning ice and possibly score some free tickets.

The drive out proved uneventful, and with tickets in hand, and beer tucked away (had to sneak it through security at the goni) we jumped on the gondi. Once up top we stopped and watch slush cup (the last day water skimming event) to cheer and laugh at the people trying to make the big drop and decently long skim across the pond. After that it was time to head to the park. Park laps in the spring time at Shine are sweet. This is not because the park is any decent but because to get to the park from the closest chair you have to straight line most of the Resorts usable vert. That coupled with spring moguls and a "see who can straight line all the way there" competition and you have a thigh burning, adrenalin filled ride to the park. Nothing gets that heart pumping faster then knowing your legs are about to give out any second while your doubling and tripling waist high moguls all the while dodging slow moving tourists.

The day was super fun and I had an awesome time but, unfortunately after a good two hours of riding I was sent back to the truck early to drink my beer with a bunch of snow on my knee. After hitting a jump switch and getting caught up in a rut on the take off, I landed a little back seat on a mogul in the landing. Innocent enough, but I got a sharp pain shooting through my knee. It would later turn out to keep me from doing anything too fun for about a month or so until I was able to start downhill biking a month later and river surfing around the same time.

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