Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mountain Sledding In Ontario?

I forget exactly which day this was, but after it snowed 30 or so centimeters I had to show I was a man of my word. Originally I had no intention of sledding on the closed down ski hills while I was back in Tbay. There wasn't enough snow, not even a base when I got there (if you can't tell from the pic it was lean). But i did say I would go out if we got 20 to 30 and I did.

I met Ryan Jones just up the dirt road from the old Candy Mountain, 1 of 3 closed down ski hills in T Bay. We dropped the sleds off our trucks, fired them up and went looking for a way in. There isn't a staging area here and the bottom of the hill is now fenced off as it is a private residence, so we ended up bush whacking through this pseudo trail we found off the side of the road. The trail ended up leading to the old slightly over grown ski trails and we were able to crack the throttle. We bombed around trying not to hit rocks as impossible as it was. There aren't really any highlights, just a good over all time bombing around, doing some hill climbs and descents on our sleds that used to challenge me on skis once upon a time. Jones ended up bending his A arm on a rock and I'm pretty sure one of mine is a little tweak now.

(In this picture is my sled chilling near the "peak" of Candy Mountain)

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