Sunday, July 8, 2012

College Street

For my last day in Tbay I wanted to line up one more hand rail. After talking with Andy, and Tyler we decided on the College St down rail. With the spot decided on, I tossed my gear and some shovels into my truck and started driving. I made it about 80 percent of the way to the rail only to realized I had forgotten my jacket back at the houses. Not usually too big of a deal, it kind of was this time as I was planning on leaving for Calgary after the session. 

After an hour of back tracking I finally got to the rail and started to set up. Andy showed up about 20 mins after me and we got the jump together pretty quickly. Tyler showed up next just in time to help with the in-run. In our in run making process I got out voted 2-1 into making a shorter but easier to build in-run (I wanted it longer for speed to be able to trick on). The shorter in-run did end up biting us in the ass though.With the in-run built we shaped everything to perfection (funny enough, and this goes out to COP, the best shaped features I hit all year where built by either myself or my friends). We then threw on some salt to firms things up and like it was perfectly timed our film/photo crew showed up. 

After letting the snow firm up for 30 minutes, D Man and Kyle were in place for pictures. It was time to hit this thing. I went first doing a couple warm up hits and coming off early to the side. Tyler, with the flowing hair of an 80's dare devil joined me a couple of hits in. He had to lip on (putting the tails of your skis over the rail first) which is why I'm going to take the time now to give him a little extra praise. Andy jumped in soon after Ty and right after he did I greased the rail to the end for my first time. I have to say, riding that thing out was not easy. The rail is so steep you might as well just "bomb drop" to the street below from 20 feet in the air. When Andy got to the end for his first time his legs buckled and he went right to his back, when he got up he said, "you need some strong legs for the landing". Andy finally got it to his feet though, and with a few good hits and a bunch of shots there was just Ty. We rooted him on, but the fact of getting on lip slide at such low speeds to such a steep rail coupled with numerous hard crashes proved to be just a little too much and he ended up leaving with out getting the rail but with the "Big Cojones" award for the day.

With that last rail under my belt and being way behind schedule I said my good-byes and was back on the road to Calgary.

(This is a photo of me, the shot was taken by Dman) 

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