Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back In Calgary


I was night skiing at COP when I got a call from Rob. He wanted to go set up an urban and do some filming with the 403media boys. Even though I had been skiing for a few hours it sounded like a good time.

I showed up to the spot. It was the back alley behind a strip mall with a small amount of super granulated snow that was less then ideal for building with. Though, once Rob, Nik and Mark showed up we all worked a little magic and made it work. The set-up was short and at a weird angle to the rail with a "Banshee Bungee" providing the momentum. To be honest at first glance I wasn't sure it would work, but after Rob took the first run up you could tell it was going to be super smooth.

The left footers, Rob, Nik and myself went first. We each got to the end and manged to ski out the hip landing. Mark went last, but being a right footer it proved to be pretty challenging. He made it to the end a couple times but just could not get off the rail and took a couple hard slams and had to stop with out getting it.

Once we were all done skiing it was the usual tear down; trash the jump and landing, then take down the lights and pack up.

(In this picture is me, pretty sure it's a frame stolen from footy that Mark was shooting)

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