Monday, February 21, 2011

Fixed The Sled???

For those who didn't know, this season is the first in four that my sled decided to give me actual problems. After going over it, and getting some parts I finally thought I figured it out. So me and Steve decided to head to K Country to test it out before my Revy trip and ride some powder.

Cateract Creek is only like an hour and 10 minutes from our house which is sick, because it also have some potential for sled skiing. Once we got there we dropped the sleds and fired them up. We ripped down the trails for a couple km's before finding unridden areas. Creek beds and cut blocks not even touched by other sledders, probably just ripping by only worried abou getting to the alpine.

Riding was sick! We were having so much fun it took 3 hours to do 6 km of trail. We weren't worried about getting to the alpine to much, we saw signs of slabbing down low, that coupled with appearnt wind loading and hearing a massive slide higher up, we were content with what we were riding. But 3 hours in I had discovered green dripping out of my sled. It was my coolant, ironically I had put and extra zip tie on the hose to hold it on and that one extra tie caused a pressure point to develop and crack my line. Steve had to toe me out on his 600 which i thought was an impressive feat.

In this picture is Steve throwing down a hard carve!   

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