Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunalta Quad Kink

So mid Jan hit my first hand rail in Calgary, on a shoot with 403 media. It was this super long quad kink with a nice in run.

The night started with me leaving COP to meet Brent and the rest of the crew. They had the rail all set up and good to go. It was big and long but the kinks looked pretty mellow. After meeting the crew, we started doing test runs on the jump while we waited for lights. Once the lights showed up it was on! I ended up taking a couple of hard bails (as did some of the other guys) on of them being on my recently injured shoulder so I had decided to stop. But that didn't stop a couple of the guys from greasing it and having a sick night!

Sorry there is no picture but I for got to take one with my camera and couldn't get a hold of one (we were filming)

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