Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pow Day At K-Ho

On Friday, Feb 4th, I left at like 6 am to get to Kicking Horse for opening. It was sign-in and jump training day for Wrangle The Chutes. The drive was good until I got to Banff, where it got really bad really fast. The highway hadn't been plowed, and blower snow kicked up from transports made it near impossible to see. When I got to golden, the road was closed and I had been told I must of just made it through in time.

Once I got to the mountain I signed in and got my lift pass for the weekend, and an awesome thing happend, the sun started poking out! It stayed poking out for pretty much the whole day allowing for some sick alpine riding! I had also ran into Mason and Bryce, which was sick because they showed me around the mountain. It was a sick day and with the jump for the next days competition only being open for an 45 minutes or so I skied pow until my legs burned!

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