Friday, February 25, 2011

Revy Trip Day 1

On Feb 16th, a Wednesday, was the departing day of my first sled ski trip. With my sled all nice and repaired, I ran some last minute errands, then went an got an ass load of gas. I stopped at a Superstore gas station and pumped $160 into my truck, snow machine and Jerry cans, to avoid paying steep BC gas prices. Then it was off to pick up Brent and meet the rest of the crew for the 5 hour drive to Revelstoke.

The rest off the crew was running late. After a few phone calls they had finally admitted that the ski racks for the snowmobiles they were making were going to take a few more hours. So, Brent and I decided to get a head start and get the drive done during day light. When we left Calgary it was cold and overcast, when we hit Golden and stopped for some much needed energy drinks, it was plus 4 and blue bird. From the gas station we could clearly see Kicking Horse and we immediately started kicking ourselves for not leaving early in the morning to ski. We started kicking ourselves even harder when we got reports that it puked all night then let up in the morning just in time to go blue and it had hit -2 or 3 at the top. A little on the bitter side but still more then stoked for our trip we continued our drive.

As we approached Rogers Pass, the epic side of the highway pillow lines appeared and after many conversations about how sick K-Ho would have been we decided double back 2 km and pull over. We got geared up and started hiking towards this sick pillow line and cliff section we spotted. The snow was deep and it was steep, so much so we had trouble finding a place to get on top of the lines we were about to ski. Once on top it was time for some fun. Brent and I scored some sweet pillows and huge props to him for a 15-20 foot 180 off a cliff! We managed to get 3 laps in before it got to dark and had to head back to the truck. Super stoked on our session we continued the drive to Revy, where a hotel and a night of telling the guys over some cold beer ensued!

In the picture above is a shot of a 3 pillow straight line I did! 

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