Friday, January 21, 2011

December Surf

So no big deal December 28th, snow on the ground, surfing Lake Superior. Mike (my little bro) and I drove from Thunder Bay, to Terrace Bay for his virgin surf experience.

I had kind of convinced Mike earlier in the week to come out with me on the next decent day so he could try some surfing for the first time. I think we where supposed to leave at like 8 in the morning. We didn't end up leaving until around 11, but that was okay because the weather wasn\t that nice and as we were suiting up the sky went blue bird and it warmed up! There ended up being 5 of us in total and the session was pretty sick. Mike did really well and got some experience under his belt, I figured out that fancy looking wax jobs are not always functional and big ups to Chris for the hot shower and hot food!

(in the picture is Mike starting to paddle out for the first time)

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