Friday, January 21, 2011

Yay Old Footage!

Okay, so last season I did what never happends, I had my best riding days of the season coincide with filming days! I know it's rare, but I had some unreal footage! I had follow cam jump lines with sw right 7's to sw left 10's. I had all four 720s, I corks and sw corks, and I had sick rail shots like 50/50's on an urban set up park rail, and sw ups to sw 50/50s. It was amazing...then the even more rare, a Macintosh computer crashed! On the Mac's hard drive was all that footage, and since the footy was taken off a hard drive camera (damn that technology to hell) there was no hard copies since the camera had been long cleared to make way for new footage.

So here is the best of the minor amount of footage that I had on my camera from last year. It's more of a joke edit, but you'll like it, enjoy!

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